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Supporting Students with Educational Adjustments

Department’s Learners First: Every Learner, Every Day 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, Prospect High School is committed to enabling all learners to access, participate and engage in education and achieve quality outcomes through culturally responsive and inclusive experiences where all learners’ needs, and differences are recognised and respected.

Prospect High School allocates learning and support resources to personalise the learning for the individual needs of students based on the NCCD levels of educational adjustments. Individual learning plans document SMART goals. This enables students with a disability and additional learning and support needs, the same opportunities and choices in their education as their peers.

Adjustments are made in close consultation with students and their parents and carers, professional support staff (educational psychologist, social worker, school nurse, school chaplain) and are regularly reviewed and moderated to assess their effectiveness and to identify any need for changes.

In line with the DoE Student Engagement Procedure, Prospect High School provides a provision that is aimed at effectively engaging all learners. This is best described as a continuum from ‘Tier 1’ universal provision, designed to engage every learner, through to ‘Tier 3’ reengagement provision.

As an example of Tier 2 provisions Prospect High School offers small group programs in barista skills, jewellery making, woodwork projects, gardening/environmental programs, chess and games clubs, robotics, catering and science focus programs.  These programs are designed by our teaching team to address barriers to learning and wellbeing, making reasonable adjustments, ensuring all learners can participate in all aspects of learning, which is rigorous and challenging, developmentally appropriate and responsive to the diverse needs of learners.

Tier 3 Learners are identified as being at significant risk of disengaging and have access to flexible school- based provisions with the explicit purpose of engaging or re-engaging with learning. Tier 3 provision provides a range of flexible, personalised learning opportunities that are clearly documented in Learning Plans. An individual’s provision is contextualised and developed in collaboration with the learner, their family and a multi-disciplinary team.



The first point of contact is the school's learning and support team. Learning and support teams include key personnel involved in supporting students underpinned by three interrelated domains: cognitive, behavioural and emotional.