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At Prospect High School we believe that all members of the school community - students, parents and staff - have certain rights and responsibilities. The School Association has adopted several policies that guide our practice. These policies include:

  • Supportive School Environment Policy (SSE)
  • Respectful Schools, Respectful Relationships Framework
  • Pathways for Student Management (contained in the SSE Policy)
  • Anti-Discrimination, Anti Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Drug Education Policy
  • Information and Communication Technologies Policy

Parents are welcome to enquire at the school for copies of these policies.

All of these policies are based on the belief that:

  • all students have the right to learn
  • all teachers have the right to teach
  • everyone has the right to a safe and clean environment
  • everyone has the right not to be harassed by others, to be treated fairly, with respect and in a courteous manner
  • everyone is responsible for their own behaviour and accepts the consequences of this behaviour
  • each student accepts that the teacher is in charge and co-operates with the reasonable instructions given.

Respectful Schools

As part of our respectful school team we have a number of support people on-site. Please contact the school for further information.

  • School Health Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • School Psychologist