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Information Technology

Responsible use of school information and communication technologies (ICT) resources

As part of your child’s curriculum, our school is providing supervised access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources.

ICT resources includes but are not limited to the use of computers, laptops, net books and printers; the school and Department networks; the Internet; email; digital/video cameras; and scanners; removable storage devices; mobile telephones, etc.

These technologies are used within the school for research, for communicating with other people, for publishing students’ work and for learning basic skills. The Department of Education is committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning and teaching through the integration of learning technologies into education programs.
While staff will ensure that high-quality on-line materials are available and promoted, it is possible that your child may encounter inappropriate material while using these resources. The school minimizes this risk by providing appropriate supervision, using Internet filters, and educating students to participate safely and responsibly when online.

The school has developed rules for safe and responsible use of ICT resources and all students work to these rules. Copies are provided to parents at the beginning of each school year. Unless otherwise advised, we will assume your child has your permission to use the computing and Internet resources available at this school.

From time to time the school may want to publish to the Internet, photographs of students involved in school activities and/or samples of students’ work in order to share good practice, celebrate success and inform the learning community about our activities. Your child may also be involved in online learning activities which involve publication to other relevant Department of Education websites. The school enrolment form and the annual validation of information form requests your consent for this purpose.

At Prospect High School, we recognise that it is important for students to be prepared with the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate the online world safely. We encourage parents to view the Esafety website with their children.