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Levies form a significant portion of funds to support the school and are one of the many ways that families contribute to our school community.  Levies support student learning by contributing towards the cost of essential items and services.  The authority to charge levies is provided under the Education Act 2016 in consultation with the School Association.

A detailed 2024 Levy Policy is available from the school administration office.

2024 Inclusive Levy has been Ratified by School Association.

  • Grades 7 and 8    $550.00 
  • Grades 9 to 12    $575.00 

 The term “Inclusive Levy” refers to items a student consumes, takes possession of, costs associated with providing resources, travel or entry fees. The annual Inclusive Levy covers such items as;

  • Starter stationery pack for all subjects (replacement items to be personally funded).
  • General subject consumables, including practical options.
  • Textbooks, library books and general subject materials and supplies.
  • ICT consumables, software and network printing.
  • Hire of a locker and combination lock (to be returned at end of year).
  • School ID Card – issued in Grades 7 and 9 (a replacement fee will apply).
  • Grade excursions and performances, with the exception of non-curricula excursions as they arise and personally chosen after school activities.
  • Winter sport NHSSA Sports Roster or option.

 Other charges – (optional activities)

In some instances, additional charges may be applied for the participation in optional activities (Other Charges). All participating students including those approved STAS will be invoiced for selected additional activities not included in the Inclusive Levy. Example being;


Examples of Optional “Additional Charges”

Costs detailed are estimates only and will be advised as confirmed


Other Cost Examples

School Photos


  • School Uniform
  • School photos
  • After school sport teams
  • Extension activities (excursions, activities)
  • Replacement materials and supplies (e.g stationery)
  • Items selected by students included in timetabled classes where materials are more expensive than what the standard curriculum requires.

Grade 10 Celebration Expenses (dinner, picnic, jumper)


School Magazine – "Karinya”

$25 TBC


Student Assistance (STAS)

Families approved for Student Assistance (STAS) are not required to pay the Inclusive Levy, however, may be required to pay “Other Charges”.  

STAS is financial assistance available to assist with the cost of school levies. The scheme provides assistance for low-income families towards the cost of levies for students enrolled from kindergarten through to grade 12. Funding for eligible applicants will be provided directly to the school. Income assessment is applied to parents/guardians of dependent students, independent students and grandparents raising grandchildren may also be eligible for STAS. Application forms are available from the school office or online. Approved STAS students will be provided with a starter stationery pack.

For specific enquiries regarding completing the application or application procedures please contact:  Financial Assistance Services on 1800 816 057 or via email at

Levy Payment

The Department of Education will mail an invoice to you late January or on enrolment, if you enrol during the school year.  Approved Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) recipients will not receive an invoice.

  • Parents and carers are requested to pay levies prior to the commencement of the school year.
  • Payment options are:
  • BPay – Direct Banking is the preferred payment option. Payment via BPay or via Service Tasmania will reduce your wait time on Book Sales day.  Use your BPay code from the bottom of your invoice. 
  • Centrepay Deductions – Payment/s can be deducted from your Centrelink payments. Please complete a form at Centrelink or contact the school administration office to arrange this option.
  • Cash or Card (Mastercard or Visa)

Difficulty Paying?

  • Payment can be negotiated by contacting the School Office, if more flexible arrangements are required, payment by instalment is available. Parents/carers should complete the ‘Agreement to Pay Levies by Instalment’ form. This form is available from the School Office.

Additional Information

  • Where levy payments are split between parents, a percentage split is recorded on the enrolment form. Written consent by both parties, and Court Orders, indicating the split levy payments must be provided – this is updated annually on the Student Validation Form.  Without written evidence, the person signing the enrolment form will be responsible for 100% payment.
  • If a student enrols in another Tasmanian Government School after full payment of levies for that school year, parents are not required to pay additional levies. If levies were being paid in instalments, negotiations will be required.  Other charges may apply.
  • As levies and charges form part of the revenue of the school, and their allocation and expenditure is often committed early in the school year, levies and charges will not be refunded. Individual circumstances may be considered, and refunds may be granted in exceptional circumstances. For example, if a student has been charged and the student is not be able to participate, and where the charges have not been committed.
  • Students who enrol from interstate or from a non-government school will be invoiced for a pro-rata levy.