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Department of Education - Learners First
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Leadership and Support Staff

Mrs Lee Barker

Assistant Principals
Mr Mario Bergamin and Ms Bonnie Hall

School Business Manager
Mrs Debbie Chancellor

Grade Teams

Senior Grade Leaders
Grade 7 Mr Brendan Poke 
Grade 8 Ms Carmen Gill
Grade 9 Ms Anna Collins
Grade 10 Ms Sandra De Paoli 
Years 11/12 Ms Jennifer Pollard

Grade Leaders
Grade 7 Ms Kirsty Wilson
Grade 8 Mr Brad Colson
Grade 9 Mr Steven Andrews
Grade 10 Mr Will Reynolds
Years 11/12 Mrs Jan Phillips

Learning Support Staff

Ms Kristy Miller AST                                                                                                                                         Mrs Jessica Teesdale 

Support Staff

School Psychologist
Mr Gene Colgrave
(Mondays and Fridays)

School Social Worker
Mr Brendan Dixon
(Wednesdays, alternate Thursdays and Fridays)

School Health Nurse
Mrs Mia Blair
(Tuesdays and alternate Fridays)

Mr Tobias Verhaegh
(Mondays and Tuesdays)