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School Association

The School Association is an elected group of parents, teachers and community members. Student representatives also attend meetings. This is a forum for discussing important educational matters, ratifying policies, providing advice and feedback to the school. The Prospect High School Association meets once each term at the school on a Tuesday afternoon/evening. Please refer to the school calendar published in the Prospector for meeting dates. All members of the school community are encouraged to attend meetings and contribute to discussion, ask questions, make suggestions and offer assistance.

If you have a matter to discuss at a School Association meeting, please contact either the School Association Chair or Principal to ensure that your item is added to the meeting agenda.

Who are members of the School Association? 

The following people are automatically members of the School Association:

  • all parents (parents or guardians who have children or young people enrolled at the school)
  • all staff (permanent and fixed-term employees at the school) including the Principal.
  • community members need to apply to the School Association Committee to become a member of the School Association.

How can I be involved in the School Association? 

As a member of the Association you can:

  • attend General Meetings of the Association
  • nominate for the Association Committee
  • where they exist, you can join a Subcommittee of the Association Committee
  • support Association events or fundraising

Please consider joining the association or attending a meeting as this is an important means for parents to have a voice in our school; we welcome your input.

Office Bearers and Current Committee Members 

Chairperson: Cindy Johnston

Vice Chairperson: Brad Reardon

Secretary: Lee Barker

Treasurer: Brad Reardon 

Committee members: Debbie Chancellor, Amanda Barker, Annie Milne, Carolyn Abraham, Adrienne McMahon and Lee Barker (Public Officer/Principal). 

Donations and Student Funding 

The School Association would appreciate a voluntary donation from families. Donations and fundraising assist the School Association to sponsor an Eagle Award and donate end of year award prizes. Donations also help to fund the Student Support Scheme. The support comes in the form of a $75 contribution to individual students, who have been selected to represent the State or Australia in a sporting or cultural academic activity.

Please note this funding does not support regional representation, for example, Northern or club representatives.

To apply please complete the application form and return to the school Principal, Mrs Lee Barker.  Applications will be reviewed and approved by the School Association Committee.